Software shouldn't be this hard!

We built Molecule with a mission to make an accessible experience that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. If you’ve ever felt like technology wasn’t made for you, we’re here to help.

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Modern technology isn’t made for you

That's not your fault.

Every product in the tech world tries to be brighter, faster, and pack in more features. New technology is rarely designed with older adults’ needs in mind.

At Molecule, we want to change that. We think that older adults stand to benefit so much from accessible technology, but it isn’t designed with them in mind. So, we made our own specifically for them.

Most importantly, we think technology is for everyone, so we built a system that bridges the gap between the digital world of information and the physical world we live in — whoever you are.

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Key actions.
Right at your fingertips.

The Molecule Case gives you three new buttons for the things you do most. Get back home, go back one step, and get help when you need it using the side buttons.

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App Dock

Is your app running?
Then catch it!

Open, close, and switch apps with App Blocks. App Blocks live in the real world, so you’re always aware of what’s running and what’s not.

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It's the write thing to do.

Sometimes you just don’t want to use your finger, and that’s okay. The Molecule Pen gives you precision-pointing superpowers and the ability to write in text fields instead of typing.

Modular Accessories

Expandable accessories.
Infinite possibilities!

There’s more to the story than the Case, Blocks, and Pen. Molecule’s modular system means we can constantly develop new ways for you to interact with technology, making it even more accessible.

An app that’s made for you.

Molecule’s hardware works best with the Molecule App. We designed the Molecule app to support the way older adults think and use computers.

Best of all, the Molecule App is free and always will be. You don’t need a subscription to access full functionality: every feature, unlimited saved items, and support documentation are all included.

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All the app's a canvas

Molecule’s home page features an interactive canvas for quick note-taking, provides quick access to Saved Items, and lets you switch between apps with the menu at the top.

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Web Browser

Weave your own Web.

What if the Internet were a more organized place to browse your hobbies and interests? Molecule’s web browser provides a streamlined view with a focus on important tasks — like note-taking, saving items, and picking up where you left off.

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Saved Items

Never lose what you love.

The Saved Items feature gives you a centralized location to access web articles, notes, photos, documents, and anything else you want to save. Explore suggested items in the For You page, organize items in collections, and take a nostalgic look back in the Scrapbook.